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Corrosion Prevention
Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors For Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion Prevention Using a Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor

Our Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor products for corrosion prevention include vci paper, vci film and volatile corrosion inhibitors for protective packaging
Technology Packaging has been working with Cromwell-Phoenix on corrosion prevention and VCI products since 2001. Using their VCI packaging technology, we manufacture corrosion protection products, VCI papers and VCI film in the UK for sales in the UK and Europe.

Daubert VCI and Cromwell-Phoenix have now merged to form probably the largest manufacturer of rust prevention packaging and volatile corrosion inhibitors & VCI products in the USA. We now have a vast range of expertise in corrosion and rust prevention solutions and manufacture rust prevention and corrosion protection products to suit most applications. Technology Packaging are delighted to be the European Distributor for these excellent corrosion protection and VCI packaging products.

The range of rust prevention products which include a volatile corrosion inhibitor include; Daubrite Emitters, Metal-Guard film, Ferro-Film, Clear Pak 2000 and 3000 films, Ferro-Pak VCI papers, Nox-Rust VCI papers, Q-Wrap VCI papers, Uniwrap, Alumitex, Coppertex, Silver Saver papers, SilverGuard films and papers, Nox-Rust Corrosion Inhibitor Liquids, Daubrite Foam and others.


Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Products

Technology Packaging manufacture a range of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor products for rust prevention and corrosion protection and convert the VCI films into flat bags, centre-fold sheets, gussetted bags as well as other formats in the widest range of sizes and colours and can print when required. VCI papers for corrosion and rust protection are provided in rolls, sheets as well as bags. A very wide range of corrosion inhibitor products are available including reinforced, polythene coated and creped.

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