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Ferrous & Multi-Metal VCI Films

Ferrous & Multi-Metal VCI Films

TechCorro™[F] F for ferrous metals and TechCorro™[F] MMI for multi-metal protection.

MMI is by far the most popular as it protects a large range of metals extremely well but occasionally a different formulation may be required and in that case our technical experts will advise.

The VCI film formulations are used with plain films, bubble films, laminated films, stretch films and shrink films of differing weights.

These VCI films provide an enormous range of solutions to corrosion problems and as an example cater for the automated packaging of small parts.

Cohesive VCI Film

Technology Packaging also offer Cohesive VCI film. These are films designed to adhere to themselves but not to the product being protected allowing several automated wrapping solutions for large steel coils and steel sheets.

To obtain specifications of our 'standard' VCI films range please go to the Literature Fulfilment section.


Ferrous & Multi Metal 

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VCI Film For Corrosion Protecdtion
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