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Desiccant Bags

Desiccant Bags

Technology Packaging has a range of desiccant bags providing protection against moisture damage. Technical support is available to ensure the correct amount and type of desiccant is used to provide designed levels of protection against moisture damage.

All desiccants adsorb moisture. For most applications where protection is required for goods in transit/storage either Activated Clay or Silica Gel can be used. The deciding factor as to which to use is usually based on cost. They BOTH do the same job more than adequately. Desiccant bags are available in special ‘unit’ sizes. These units are based on the amount of moisture that can be adsorbed rather than the quantity of desiccant. In this way easy comparisons can be made between different desiccant bags and types of desiccants.

To obtain a desiccants product data sheet please go to the Literature Fulfilment section.

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