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Protective Packaging and VCI Product Range

TechCorro™[FL] 100 :- A very thin, high quality, versatile oil providing excellent water-displacing and short-term unpacked or longer-term packed corrosion protection. It is ideal in a dip-tank at the end of a washing cycle or for the export/storage of machinery. Meets MoD and NATO requirements.
TechCorro™[FL] 110 :- A liquid highly resistant to acid fumes that is also water-displacing. Typical use in dip-tanks following the pickling and washing of steel.

TechCorro™[FL] 120 :- Similar to TechCorro[FL] 100 but it provides a thin, touch-dry, non-oily film that is an alternative to the standard TechCorro[FL] 100 finish.

TechCorro™[FL] 130 :- MPI Similar to TechCorro[FL] 100 but it gives added protection for non-ferrous metals such as electrical equipment and multi-metal assemblies.

TechCorro™[FL] 200 :- A thin and very high quality, general-purpose product that provides medium-term unpacked and long-term packed protection. Water-displacing with good ‘creep’ characteristics allows the film to reach remote and inaccessible areas.

TechCorro™[FL] 400 :- A very thick grease-like gel that will provide very long-term corrosion protection for equipment stored outside.

TechCorro™[FL] 700VCI :- A liquid containing VCI and other inhibitors to give simple and effective corrosion prevention in enclosed areas such as engines, gearboxes, fuel tanks, hydraulic systems, etc. Generally no depreservation is required as it is compatible with most lubricants, petrol and diesel.

TechCorro™[FL] 800VCI :- Operates in a similar way to TechCorro[FL] 700VCI but uses water in place of oil. It can therefore be used in water-based systems such as boilers.

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