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Protective Packaging Technology & Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection and Protective Packaging Technology


We can help you and your company in the following ways:-

  1. Free advice on corrosion packaging technology problems (on-line, by telephone or by meetings)
  2. Information on how to improve your corrosion protection and protective packaging technology and save costs for your business
  3. Technical information (downloadable) on packaging and corrosion prevention issues
  4. Using this website you can save your time by:-
    1. requesting quotations for our packaging technology products and solutions
    2. downloading technical data of our protective packaging products range
    3. placing orders for VCI packaging products
  5. ​Keep you informed and knowledgeable on protective packaging issues with our Newsletters (You will need to request to be included in the mailing list)
  6. With our associated companies in other parts of Europe we can technically advise, and/or supply, your contractors or group companies with an integrated packaging technology system that provides not only reductions in damage and peace of mind but, most importantly, cost savings.
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