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Desiccant Bags

Desiccant Bags For Corrosion Protection

Desiccant Bags

A Complete range of desiccants & desiccant bags providing protection against rust & corrosion

Technology Packaging provide desiccant, silica gel and a complete range of and rust protection packaging.

A desiccant is a material that adsorbs moisture. Sometimes it is referred to as 'silica gel' but this is not entirely accurate as a desiccant bag has unique corrosion protection properties.

We stock a range of desiccants, that can be used to reduce moisture to levels where corrosion and mould formation will not occur. We supply desiccant barrier bags, loose or in special formats. The bags can be very small or very large and the material of the bag can be of various types including tissue, paper, non-woven material and Tyvek.


Choosing The Correct Desiccant Bags

Choosing the most appropriate type of desiccant bags and desiccant packaging material and quantity of desiccant required can be left to our expert team who will make certain all your requirements are satisfied.

If you manufacture valuable items that can be effected by corrosion we have a range of desiccants for all your protective packaging requirements. The solution might simply be a single desiccant product or it may be several from our range of vci products, barrier foils, or liquid corrosion inhibitors (lci)

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