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Multi-Metal VCI Paper Formulations

The multi-metal VCI formulations are used with plain kraft papers of differing weights, creped papers, polyethylene coated papers, boards, laminated papers, reinforced laminates that can also include polyethylene and 'chips'.

Our multi-metal range are coded as TechCorro™[P] M.  Very high quality products providing excellent multi-metal corrosion protection for applications that demand it. Our sales staff can advise on the most suitable product(s) to use to obtain 'designed corrosion protection'

Products include:-

TechCorro™[P] 5 M (50gsm)
TechCorro™[P] 7 M (70gsm)
TechCorro™[P] 10 M (100gsm)
TechCorro™[P] 11 PC M (105gsm Poly coated)
TechCorro™[P] 11 C M (106gsm creped)

Other specifications available.

VCI Formulations

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