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Protective Packaging Supplies
Protective Packaging Supplies

Protective Packaging Supplies


Innovative Protective Packaging Supplies Providing Rust Prevention and Protection against Corrosion

Technology Packaging provide giving ultimate protection & corrosion prevention for your products. Use our protective packaging supplies to ensure your goods arrive in pristine condition.

Our protective packaging supplies provide valuable goods with protection against rust and other types of corrosion and mechanical damage. Advanced packaging technology products, including VCI Films & Plastics, Liquid Corrosion Inhibitor (LCI) items, aluminium barrier foil laminates, desiccant bags and a range of rust prevention and corrosion protection products for damage prevention.

Every year corrosion damage costs hundreds of millions of pounds to manufacturing industries. A very large percentage of this can be avoided by using carefully selected protective packaging materials. We can supply protective packaging and VCI products that prevent corrosion to meet all your requirements.


Innovators in Packaging Supplies and Corrosion Protection


We offer a comprehensive range of advanced protective packaging solutions for corrosion protection and rust prevention. These include VCI papers and films, desiccant, barrier foil laminates and protective packaging technology solutions for advanced damage protection of valuable manufactured products.

We, together with our partners, are committed to the development of protective packaging technology. Combine this with a true dedication to supply the 'best-fit' solution in vci packaging products for our customers and we are seen to be the first choice for providing advanced corrosion protection and rust prevention solutions offering protection against corrosion and mechanical damage.

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