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VCI Bags
VCI Bags

VCI Bags & VCI Paper Packaging


Using VCI Bags, VCI Paper Packaging & Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors for corrosion protection

Our range of VCI Bags and VCI Paper offer a high degree of corrosion protection and we sell a range of VCI packaigng and VCI paper which enable our customers to benefit from a single source for volatile corrosion inhibitor based packaging products. Registered users can sign in to download VCI Bags Styles and request information on volatile corrosion inhibitors and VCI packaging products and other protective packaging materials. We also offer bespoke VCI papers and packaging technology solutions to enable companies to improve the corrosion protection of their manufactured products.


VCI Bags & Barrier Foil Packaging


We offer heavy duty VCI packaging which use barrier foil laminates that can be used for storage of chemicals. Our barrier foil VCI packaging products used in conjunction with desiccant and VCI materials can be manufactured to any size and we are happy to advise you on the most suitable VCI products, barrier foil and VCI paper packaging for your specific corrosion protection requirements. It is important to choose the correct VCI Bags for lighter uses and the selection of the right barrier foil to provide the highest level of corrosion protection. You can request a quote for VCI Packaging Products or request advice on protective packaging requirements and we will respond within a few hours.

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