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VCI Packaging

VCI Paper Packaging

VCI Packaging

The use of VCI Packaging Products & Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors for temporary corrosion protection

VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. Our VCI packaging products include VCI Bags, VCI Paper, VCI Films, VCI Emitters and VCI Stretch Film. VCI Packaging and Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors have been generally used in VCI packaging materials for temporary corrosion protection and rust prevention. VPI (Vapour Phase Inhibitor) is a brand name for just one chemical within the VCI packaging family of products. 


VCI products used for protective packaging consist of different agents acting and evaporating at disparate ratios. There are VCI products that give active corrosion protection quickly and Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors that are characterised by slow and steady vaporisation. VCI emitters or VCI stretch film in conjunction with VCI protective packaging technology will securely protect against corrosion and rust. The most obvious way to use VCI protective packaging products for corrosion protection and rust prevention was impregnate packaging papers for protective packaging. Using VCI paper as carrier material for VCI packaging products will emit a vapour containing gas molecules. The molecules within the VCI paper or film will inhibit corrosion. Our VCI paper products and volatile corrosion inhibitors will inhibit corrosion and rust even when not in direct contact with metal. These VCI corrosion protection products are therefore ideal for the prevention of corrosion.


VCI Packaging Types

VCI Packaging

The VCI packaging formulations can be impregnated, coated or added to the following: -


  • VCI Paper - Flat papers - Creped papers - PE Coated papers - Reinforced papers - Laminated paper products
  • VCI Packaging Board - Various types - Chips
  • VCI Films - Polyethylene film - VCI stretch film - VCI Shrink film - Laminated VCI film products
  • VCI Plastics - Foam (Ferro-Foam?) - Corrugated plastic sheeting (Ferro-Corr?) - Tubes (Ferro-Tubing?)


Skilled technicians are constantly reviewing and developing new Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors for use in VCI protective packaging products. Desiccants, Barrier Foil laminates of various types and Liquid Corrosion Inhibitors complete the objective corrosion preventive range. Many other VCI corrosion protection packaging products are also available. Contact us for further information.

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